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LibreLogo in schools and teacher training programs

LiboCon, Tirana, 2018 • On the annual conference of LibreOffice, I talked about LibreLogo in my short presentation “LibreOffice & eTwinning – LibreLogo in schools and teacher training programs”. You can see the slides also with a small LibreLogo introduction here. Abstract of the presentation:


  • Shipped LibreLogo package of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions has got localization support from LibreOffice 5.4.4.
  • LibreLogo works on more (all) macOS versions.
  • Recent LibreLogo regression (“drying ink”: drawing shorter lines as the path of the turtle) of the LibreOffice development code has been solved during the conference.


  • Brazil: Gilvan Vilarim has continued his LibreLogo curse at the digital inclusion conference SEMID, also he wrote a LibreLogo manual in Portuguese.
  • Germany: Mirek Hančl has included several LibreLogo worksheet templates in his upcoming grade 5/6 exercise book, published by Cornelsen Verlag in February, 2019.
  • Hungary: LibreLogo is used in several elementary and middle schools. Looking for a method by Péter Kecskeméti to add an immutable background image, for example, a graph paper behind the Logo turtle, I suggested a solution (usage of GDI image format) to create exciting worksheet templates for Logo exercises.


  • Research of University of Florence has been proven LibreLogo’s exceptional abilities in the education of computer programming. LibreLogo supports the concept “low floor, high ceiling”, which was first formulated in the 1970s by Seymour Papert, co-inventor of the Logo programming language: learning programming is a child’s play with LibreLogo, while it’s still very easy to learn more abstract programming principles with it. (A. R. Formiconi & F. Mancini: A step back into the future, draft, University of Florence, 2017)
  • As part of the research project of the university, Andreas Formiconi initiated the LibreLogo usage in eTwinning educational platform of EU, at eTwinning conferences and by leading online seminars.

Thanks for the great help of all LibreLogo contributors!

Workshop in Brazil

SENID 2014 (Digital Inclusion National Seminar) at Passo Fundo University, Brazil, organized also a 4-hour LibreLogo workshop, during the 3-day conference at end of the April. Gilvan Vilarim, lecturer of the workshop, reported that the event had 15 participants, including teachers and some students (one of them was deaf, and she used the assistance of a Libras interpreter – Libras is the Brazilian version of the sign language for deaf people). The participants found the workshop to be very interesting, and they planned to continue using LibreLogo. (Thanks to Gilvan for the pictures, too.)

LibreLogo at FOSDEM 2014

LibreLogo flyer: maze and its source code
Here is the A4 size LibreLogo flyer made for the LibreOffice booth at FOSDEM 2014. It contains a maze and its compact LibreLogo source code. This SVG animation shows its work. The source code of the program:

    RIGHT 90
        z = INT RANDOM 2
        RECTANGLE [3.5+21*z, 3.5+13*(1-z)]
        FORWARD 10

One of the results of the 2-day LibreOffice hackfest after the conference is a small improvement for LibreLogo: now code formatting/translation doesn’t modify the comments of the program (see this and other achievements of the hackfest).