Címke: conference

Workshop in Brazil

SENID 2014 (Digital Inclusion National Seminar) at Passo Fundo University, Brazil, organized also a 4-hour LibreLogo workshop, during the 3-day conference at end of the April. Gilvan Vilarim, lecturer of the workshop, reported that the event had 15 participants, including teachers and some students (one of them was deaf, and she used the assistance of a Libras interpreter – Libras is the Brazilian version of the sign language for deaf people). The participants found the workshop to be very interesting, and they planned to continue using LibreLogo. (Thanks to Gilvan for the pictures, too.)

LibreLogo at FOSDEM 2014

LibreLogo flyer: maze and its source code
Here is the A4 size LibreLogo flyer made for the LibreOffice booth at FOSDEM 2014. It contains a maze and its compact LibreLogo source code. This SVG animation shows its work. The source code of the program:

    RIGHT 90
        z = INT RANDOM 2
        RECTANGLE [3.5+21*z, 3.5+13*(1-z)]
        FORWARD 10

One of the results of the 2-day LibreOffice hackfest after the conference is a small improvement for LibreLogo: now code formatting/translation doesn’t modify the comments of the program (see this and other achievements of the hackfest).