Quick Start

  1. Open a new text document in Writer (in LibreOffice 4.2 or newer).
    Note: On Linux, official LibreOffice distribution of The Document Foundation supports all localized languages of the newest LibreLogo. Also you can try to install LibreOffice and libreoffice-librelogo packages of your Linux distribution, but libreoffice-librelogo may have incomplete language support, requiring manual installation of the non-English localization.

  2. librelogo_toolbarSet LibreLogo toolbar by View»Toolbars»Logo. It will join the other toolbars – you may need to select and drag it to somewhere more visible.

  3. tutorial_logo_turtleIn LibreOffice 4.3, click on the green triangle button (Start) on the toolbar to insert and start a LibreLogo example in the empty document. Try to modify the text of the program based on the manual, and click on the Start to execute it again.

    In LibreOffice 4.2 click on one of the arrow buttons on the toolbar to display the Logo turtle. It is now ready:

    • Write or copy the following text onto the page above the turtle, this is a LibreLogo program.

      REPEAT 90 [
        RIGHT 89


    • Click on the green triangle button (Start) on the toolbar, this executes the LibreLogo program. The turtle draws a spiral like figure.

The turtle drawings can be resized, saved and manipulated by LibreOffice Writer and its Drawing Object Properties toolbar, also it can be exported in SVG (a vector image format supported by modern browsers, see the SVG export of the previous example).

A click on the magic wand icon on the toolbar will help to translate an English language Logo program into the language of the current document. (Set under Tools»Options»Language Settings»Default Language for Documents-Western.)

Check Resources for more information.