40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube

The 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s cube is being celebrated with the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City: “7,000 sq ft of games, puzzles, history, art and engineering, all inspired by Ernő Rubik’s best-selling masterpiece”.
A few days after the opening of the exhibition, here is the Picture of the week of LibreLogo.org:
The vector graphic of the net (Rubik’s cube colors.svg) shows the well known colours of Rubik’s cube and the orientation of the coloured sides. Source code:

 TO side color
     REPEAT 3 [
         SQUARE [30, 30, 2.5]
         FILLCOLOR color
         SQUARE [28, 28, 3]
         PENUP FORWARD 30
     ] RIGHT 90 FORWARD 30 LEFT 90 BACK 30*3
 PICTURE “cube.svg” [
 side 0x009B48 ; Pantone 347 C
 side 0xB71234 ; Pantone 200 C
 side 0x0046AD ; Pantone 293 C
 side 0xFF5800 ; Pantone Orange 021 C
 BACK 30*3 RIGHT 90 BACK 30*3*3 LEFT 90
 side 0xFFD500 ; Pantone Yellow 012 C
 FORWARD 30*3*2 RIGHT 90 BACK 30*3 LEFT 90
 side 0xFFFFFF

In fact, international success of the cube is a little bit younger, than 40 years, see the new interview with the Hungarian inventor of the cube, Ernő Rubik, and a longer one from 2012. The development of the cube continues, Rubiks.com recently announced the renewed cube, and a customizable cube for speedcubing.

The new illustration has been part of the related article of Wikipedia.

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