Hungarian and Norwegian educational materials

LibreLogo textbook (made in LibreOffice and LibreLogo)
LibreLogo textbook (made in LibreOffice and LibreLogo)

E-Governmental Free Software Competence Centre of Hungary has published a free LibreLogo textbook (PDF, 6 MB) for primary and secondary schools of Hungary. The book is based on the teaching experiences of the author, Viktória Lakó, and according to its subtitle (“from turtle graphics to the graduation in programming”), it covers a wide area from turtle graphics to the secondary school-level introduction of algorithms and data structures.

Kolbjørn Stuestøl, author of the Norwegian localization of LibreLogo, has introduced on the user support list of LibreOffice a Norwegian LibreLogo tutorial with nice examples and illustrations. The English translation of the tutorial is under development.

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